Website and Blog Launch

Thoughts on failure. 

I had wanted to call this site 'Fail Better' after the quote by Samuel Beckett, "Ever tried. Ever failed. No Matter. Fail again. Fail better..." but lo and freaking behold some literary journal I've never heard of but should have has already copped my wonderful idea. The Albert Camus quote will serve just fine as a mission statement for this site because it circles the same truth: any pursuit worth pursuing, be it art, spirituality, sports, parenting, or love will lead to failure of one kind or another. It's taken many years--many years of failure--for me to recognize that failure is an opportunity; it is a beginning and not an ending. Try. Try again. Begin. Begin again.

I have to remind myself of this lesson all the time. I'm reminding myself of it right now as I write this. 

It seems the older I get, the more my spiritual activities, my artistic endeavors, and my day to day living join into a single, humbling, exhausting, wonderful, strange and mystifying experience. I used to be better about segmenting parts of myself into convenient compartments. Now, everything is flowing together into something resembling synergy. Getting old kind of sucks. But it is kind of great, too.

And so, here is this website and blog. The main purpose of the website is get my fiction writing out into the world so that the works are not just sitting on my personal computer where no one can interact with them. The goal of the blog is something else. I want to join the community, as it were, and discuss anything that comes to mind. It will be messy. It will tiring. It will be fun.

I like the concept of beginning again. Every day. Every breath. Begin again. 

More to come....