Despicable T – The Political Has Become the Personal

Mine was never intended to be a political blog, but I can’t remain silent in these weeks since Donald Trump was inaugurated.

I have disagreed with both Republican and Democratic presidents before, but I have never felt compelled to push back so hard and so forcefully against an administration. Trump’s strategy and tactics are obvious – his administration intends to overwhelm and to bully while piecing out little nuggets to the GOP in order to keep Republicans mollified against the more egregious and unconstitutional of Executive Orders (see the Muslim Ban).

As for the Democrats, the Trump administration simply wants to mow them over and expose at every turn how powerless they are.

It may be too early to know if these tactics (often attributed by the press as those of Steve Bannon’s) are working; much of this will depend on the how the GOP ultimately responds because, let’s face it, the Democrats have very few plays until 2018.

One would think that the GOP would stand up against Trump’s authoritarian rhetoric, his flirtations with fascism, but either out of fear or because Republicans are making some gains (de-regulation of environmental measures, Neal Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination), they are either silent or quietly supportive of Trump’s actions.

This is a travesty. The GOP is being played, and the country is suffering.

The President of the United States is not a king. He is an elected official. And two weeks into his presidency, Trump has already revealed himself to be a deeply flawed official at that. The Trump Administration needs to be put in check.

Right now, that falls to us, the citizens. Both Democrats and Republicans. The judicial branch is rousing, some members of congress and the Senate are beginning to speak out, but they’re doing so slowly. In some cases, too slowly.

In the meantime, there is us. I won’t remain silent and neither should you. To coin a favorite Trump word against him, his presidency is a disaster. Whether that disaster limits itself only to his political career or it takes down the entire country is ultimately up to all of us.