Time Passages

I’m a child of the 1970s, so as life events transpire, songs from that era will pop into my head - hence the title of the blog.

(The song is by Al Stewart for the poor souls who did not grow up in that era.)

Anyway, my eldest son ‘graduated’ from elementary school and begins middle school in the fall. My youngest son is transferring to an arts-focused elementary school in the fall, and like that, we are done with a neighborhood school and community that we’ve been a part of for six years.

I’m certain that all parents go through this to varying degrees, but as a parent of two premature children who at various times had health struggles and showed signs of not being on par with the development levels of their peers, moving through these common milestones is, well, remarkable.

They are growing, evolving, thriving.

I credit the attention and care that my wife has given them; her efforts—her labor and her love—have done more for my children than anything or anyone else.

That’s remarkable, too.