The Ten Vanished Memories of Charles McManus: A Ghost Story


Pity Charles McManus. Years have passed since the ghost of his ex-wife first haunted him. Since Carmella Faye Nighthouse convinced him that she was buried in the wrong place and compelled him to dig up her coffin and transport her remains to the spot only he knew about. Once he failed and had served his time in prison, McManus believed himself to be a free man until Carmella’s grown son showed up, aching for revenge. Worse still, Carmella has returned to her haunting ways, demanding the final peace she was denied years before.

Ghosts, it turns out, can only speak directly with the living by consuming their memories, and McManus’ memories of his dead, ex-wife had been used up during his first attempt to liberate her years before. Everything he had once known about Carmella was lost, including the location of the spot where she wants to be buried.

Now, McManus must navigate this post-Carmella existence where her son, her other two husbands, and her parents, all have their own claims on Carmella’s remains. Where the only thing everyone agrees on is how much they each hate Charles McManus. All so he can bring peace to the spirit of a woman he can no longer remember.